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How to Configure NMD VPN, OPENVPN or FeatVPN in Android

Published on: at 8:48 PM | Posted By:
There are many VPN available in the Google Market which requires the Rooted or SuperUser enabled phone to Install any VPN tunneling software, don’t panic this is not that method. This is the simple Install process.
  1. First, you have to create the *.zip file of the config which you have to load in the VPN. You can get a free config file from VPNbook
  2. Now Navigate to the Android Market and download the FeatVPN from here
    Make sure you are using this in Your Handset.
    Download Here : FeatVPN Android
  3. After downloading this file Install the FeatVPN in Android

OpenVPN in Android

  1. After that Tap on the tunnels Option

FeatVPN in Android

  1. Tap on the ADD option


  1. Select the *.zip file file as we have selected the RV config.

FeatVPN in Android

  1. After that it will automatically configure the Keys and registry files.

VPN for Android

  1. Then Navigate Back and Select the Config


  1. After that IT will start connecting the Connection, If the UDP or TCP port is open area then it will connect.


By following this tutorial you can load the config file in the Android OS, no matter it Android GingerBread, ICE-CREAM Sandwich or the Jelly Bean It will work in all the Android platform.

This will connect the Free Internet via the TCP/UDP Port. If you face any issue in configuring NMD VPN or FeatVPN in Android then just leave a comment here.

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