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JavaScript Hot Pro - Write And Run Java Script By Easy Online Tool

Published on: at 2:13 PM | Posted By:
JavaScript Hot Pro Screenshot
This is a great tool for you to learn Java Script. This online tool contains some general function of Java script. You can try several scripts and also can test your customized script by this tool. If you are ready to test it to your site then just copy and paste script from the textarea to inside the body tag for run that on specific place or put it inside of head tag to run your script before loading the page content.

Note: Java Script Should have enabled

Alert Box

Alert Message:

Background Color

Background Color:

New Windows

URL for the window:


What the prompt says:


What the confirm says:


News Line 1:

News Line 2:

News Line 3:

News Line 4:

News Line 5:

News Line 6:

News Line 7:

News Line 8:

News Line 9:

News Line 10:

News Line 11:

News Line 12:

Status Message

What the status should say:

Background Fade

Starting color of the background:

Ending color of the background:

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