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How to Recover Mobile Memory Card Password

Published on: at 12:56 PM | Posted By:
We use password in memory card for seurity of our data. But sometimes if we forgot that password then that memory card wont work eleswhere. As the result it may become a disgusting porblem. You can recover that password. I had tried it on S40, S60 and N-Series Mobile Phone. So How do you Recover your own?

It's so easy. But you must have installed a software named FExplorer. If you dont have any then install it. You can download this software by visitng this link.

Open FExplorer.

Copy a file named "mmcstore" from C:-System.

Paste it to your memory card.

Rename that file to "mmcstore" to "mmcstore.txt".

Then send that file to your computer anyway. You can use Bluetooth, Infared or Data cable as the media.

Then Open The file on computer. Look your password is written to this Text Document.

In this way you can recover the password of a protected memory card. But remember prevention is more than cure.

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