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Flashing Dead or Alive Nokia Phones Using Phoenix

Published on: at 1:08 PM | Posted By:

Download you phone's firmware (Flash Files)

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic's RM number is RM-495. You can find yours by pressing *#0000# in you nokia phone. Search and download latest bb5 flah files for your phone ( eg: 5130xm bb5 flash files ).

Or you can use "Navifirm" or "Navifirm plus" Named software to find flash files easily and quickly.

Navifirm screenshot

After downloading make a folder in C:\Program files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\ named RM-your rm number

eg: C:\Program files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-495

Now put your all firmware files in that folder[normally 4 or 5 files]

Have a look in screenshot below.

Flash files screenshot


  1. Be sure you install updated firmware. You cannot downgrade your phone's firmware in BB5 phones which includes all new Nokia phones including N-Series.
  2. Phoenix Service Software allows downgrading but your phone doesn't allow it as your phone has some special security built into it. So no use of trying it. You'll get an error message.
  3. You can reinstall your current firmware also if you have its package. It is supported. It can also sometimes solve little issues.

Let's start

Flashing Procedure [Updating to latest firmware]:

  1. Download, Install and Open Phoenix Service Software.
  2. Connect your phone in PC Suite Mode.
  3. In Phoenix, click File>Manage Connections.
  4. Now click New.
  5. Now select the type of cable you are using. If you are using DKE-2, CA-53 [N-Series] cable, select USB.
  6. Click Next. It will find your product and say FOUND. If it doesn’t find any, you can try changing your cable type by clicking Back.
  7. Click Next and then Finish.
  8. Now your cable type [USB] appears in the connection list. Select it. Click APPLY and then CLOSE.
  9. Now select File > Open Product.
  10. A list of RM code will open. Select your phone’s code. For an example RM-638 for Nokia 6303i. Click OK
  11. Now select File > Scan Product.
  12. Your phone’s firmware info will appear at the extreme bottom of the Phoenix window.
  13. Now go to Flashing > Firmware Update.
  14. A window will open.
  15. Click Refurbish.
  16. Now your actual flashing has started. Don’t touch your phone or press any button until the flashing has finished. Also don’t touch your data cable and your computer system.
  17. At the end Phoenix will tell you to remove your phone as the flashing has finished.
  18. Now wait for your phone to reboot into latest firmware.

The flashing procedure takes 8-9 minutes, a lot faster than Nokia Software Updater. I flashed my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic within 7 minutes :)

Flashing dead phones [Which show only white screen on startup]

Note: You can install any firmware in dead phones whether it is latest and or the old one.

  1. The procedure is the same for flashing Dead phones.
  2. Start Phoenix. Connect your phone with USB Cable [phone is off at this time].
  3. Click File > Open Product. Select your RM code from the window that appears. Click OK.
  4. Click File > Manage Connections. Select No Connection. Then APPLY and CLOSE.
  5. Now straight away click Flashing > Firmware Update.
  6. Check the option “Dead Phone USB Flashing”.
  7. Click Refurbish.
  8. Flashing has started.
  9. After some seconds flashing will pause asking you to turn your phone ON.
  10. Press POWER button of your phone until backlight comes up.
  11. Flashing will proceed.
  12. Your phone will automatically start when the flashing finishes. After finish you can safely remove your data cable from handset.

Important Note: If you want to install another update to your phone after a new firmware is released, first remove the previous version you installed in C:\Program files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\, Just delete all the contents of Products folder before installing a new firmware.

If you have any doubt , comment here.........

17 comments On "Flashing Dead or Alive Nokia Phones Using Phoenix"

  1. it gives error failed to create zip folder

    1. Please mention your phone model. And which step gives this error?

  2. it give error that 'neither dp1.0 nor dp2.0 was found for the product cannot be identified' i already paste files in folder RM-495

    1. Did you tried on dead phone?

      If yes then there is something wrong with your cable or hardware.

      And If it's still alive then use JAF instead

  3. i get dis error
    --- Press phone's power button! ---
    ERROR: Failed to set phone to flashmode
    All operations completed
    Product flashing failed.

    1. When it said "Press power button". Did you pressed power button?

  4. I followed upto this steps.....

    The procedure is the same for flashing Dead phones.
    Start Phoenix. Connect your phone with USB Cable [phone is off at this time].
    Click File > Open Product. Select your RM code from the window that appears. Click OK.
    Click File > Manage Connections. Select No Connection. Then APPLY and CLOSE.
    Now straight away click Flashing > Firmware Update.
    Check the option “Dead Phone USB Flashing”.
    Click Refurbish.

    but after clicking refurbish it shows "firmware updating failed error" below this message it shows"No data package selected"

    1. Did you pasted your RM files into preferred folder?

  5. my c6-01 is partialy dead!! as i m do the dead phone procedure all process going right but after programming completed my phone is not get connected to phoenix an phoenix gives the error msg connectivity lost. what i do ??

    1. Take it to any Mobile Servicing center. Now you only can revive it through JAF box

  6. I am getting error neither dp1 nor dp2 was found. I have selected data packages location too. Also can you please post screenshot of selection product location.

    1. Not any more. Sorry. I don't have any phone except Android.

  7. When I select data package for Nokia 5130 then it shows no signature certificate found . plz tell me what can I do.

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  9. Can you help
    I want to flash my Nokia E63 and I have never connected my mobile with pc so its driver is not installed in pc and during flashing it don't connects with pc and an error comes ............What I have to do..........? Please help me.

  10. During flash when phoenix demands to press power button for USB connection I pressed power button but the mid-button light woke for 2-3 seconds and then turned of and at computer's notification bar there was massage that-"USB device not recognized" And in phoenix there was no connection of USB and flashing didn't complete
    please tell me what i have to do?

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