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Download nProtect GameGuard Personal - Protects game users from malicious threats in real-time

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nProtect GameGuard Personal Icon nProtect GameGuard Personal 3.0

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Size: 368 KB


License / Price: Trial / USD 29.99

Operating Systems: Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / XP X64 / 2008 / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

Protects game users from malicious threats in real-time

nProtect GameGuard Personal is a computer security program designed to scan your computer for viruses and to optimize it for a better gaming experience. The program includes an antivirus, a personal firewall and game optimization module.

The interface features a Mini mode and an Advanced mode that allows you to view more options. The Mini mode displays only the status of the modules and allows you to perform quick scans and various system optimizations.

The Security Center provides a quick overview of the computer and alerts you when one of the modules encounters a problem that affects your security. The Virus / Spyware tab allows you to change the settings of the real-time scanner that monitors the file activity. You can also view the startup programs and disable the entries that are not necessary.

The antivirus can perform a quick scan of the memory and the system files, a full scan of all the logical drives or a custom scan where you can select the folders or folders. When you perform a scan the program displays the status, the elapsed time and the scanned files in a separate window. As far as speed is concerned, during our tests the scan engine went through a drive with 13 GB and about 70.000 files in about 30 minutes.

You can restrict the access to the Internet of certain programs from the Personal Firewall tab. The application allows you to add the programs that need to be blocked to a list and to configure their access rules. This is where you can also disable the shared resources in order to prevent hacker attacks.

The users that want a better gaming experience can apply a set of changes with one click from the Mini mode. The Advanced mode enables them to choose the changes in order to maintain the stability of the system.

This tab also includes the options for the System Clean Up. You can set the program to delete the temporary files and the information about forms or opened pages. The operating system can be cleaned by removing the temporary files and the content of the Recycle Bin or the Recently Opened files list.

The program provides the option to encrypt files by entering a password and to securely delete certain files in order to make them unrecoverable by other users. All the alerts and the operations performed by the antivirus or the firewall are recorded in the Event log that can be checked to find critical security events.

nProtect GameGuard Personal provides most of the features required to keep your computer safe and you can try it in order to optimize your gaming experience.

nProtect GameGuard Personal description

Here are some key features of "nProtect GameGuard Personal":

Virus and Spyware Unified Security:
- Protects the system from malware infection by monitoring a file's execution, replication, relocation, and other actions.
- Automatically blocks ActiveX Controls being installed without the user's consent.
- Completely removes hidden threats by scanning and removing malware that use Rootkit.
- Constantly monitors malware execution by periodic memory scans.
- Assures a stable system administration and minimum CPU and memory usage through a Multi-Threading technique.

Strong Engine Performance:
- The Tachyon Engine, developed wholly from INCA Internet, provides an efficient malware response through scanning and treatment.
- Incorporates a second globally recognized engine (ICSA Labs, CheckMark, VB Certified) that scans 100% of the latest wild-list viruses.
- Proactive Detection protects the system by scanning for new unknown malware.

Self Protection and Restoration:
- Protects itself from malware infections and intentional modifications / damage.
- When self-infected, it scans itself and repairs itself.
- When major files of the program, such as the anti-virus engine or pattern, are damaged, the program recovers itself from the damage and keeps the system safe.

Live Update:
- 70 thousand monthly pattern-updates and holds the largest Korean malware database.
- Supports daily updates and emergency updates for an efficient malware threat correspondence.
- Prepares for emergency situations from new viruses and code zeroes through 24-hour global monitoring.

Superior Features:
- Protects the product from unwanted option changes or deletions through an administrator password feature.
- Encrypt or permanently delete files with sensitive information to prevent information leakage.
- Automatically collects and sends malware suspicious files in the user's system.
- Easily report "Treatment Failed" files after a treatment.
- Provides a preview of the report to the user.

- Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium II 266MHz (or equivalent)
- RAM 128 MB
- Free hard drive space 100 MB
- Web Browser Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

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