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Download NonEuclid 2007 - This tool is a Hyperbolic Geometry application

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NonEuclid Icon NonEuclid 2007 04

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Size: 310 KB


License / Price: Freeware / $0

Operating Systems: Windows All

NonEuclid 2007 description

This tool is a Hyperbolic Geometry application

NonEuclid helps you investigate the complex domain of the Hyperbolic Geometry and to empirically answer to questions such as: "In Hyperbolic Geometry, are the base angles of an isosceles triangle congruent?"

The NonEuclid software and documentation are accessible to anyone with high school level geometry.

Aside from being interesting in itself, a study of Hyperbolic geometry can, through its novelty, enable a deeper understanding of a formal proof.

Hyperbolic Geometry also has practical aspects such as orbit prediction of objects within intense gradational fields. Hyperbolic Geometry is used in Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Curved Hyperspace.

- Java 1.5 or newer

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