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Download LayoutEditor - A program for designing layouts for MEMS-IC fabrication

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LayoutEditor Icon LayoutEditor 20130102

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Size: 25.2 MB


License / Price: Demo / USD 1499.00

Operating Systems: Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

A program for designing layouts for MEMS/IC fabrication

LayoutEditor is a handy design utility used for creating and editing layouts. It is very useful for professionals dealing with MEMS/IC fabrication.
The program is also suitable for Multi-Chip-Modules (MCM), Chip-on-Board (COB), Low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC), Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC), printed circuit boards (PCB), GDS Editor thick film technology, thin film technology.

LayoutEditor comes with sophisticated functions like all angles, font generator, macros, boolean operations, design rule checker, OPC, netlist driven layout and LVS. The Calma GDSII file format is used as the primary file format.

OASIS (Open Artwork System Interchange Standard), OpenAccess, DXF, CIF (Caltech Intermediate Form) and Gerber (RS-274X) formats are fully supported. Alliance and Lasi files can be imported.

LayoutEditor Description

Here are some key features of "LayoutEditor":

· Boolean Tools: Boolean operations help to generate shapes or even hole layers automatically.
· Design Rule Checker: The LayoutEditor supports different design rule checks. For all checks the check area can be defined as well as the way the violation is reported. As a matter of course all design rule checks work on all angle elements.
· Electrical Extraction: For manual extraction of electrical characteristic the LayoutEditor includes some extraction features. Resistance, capacitance and inductance can by extracted.
· Macros/Scripting: The LayoutEditor offers a wide range of using macro or scripting. Starting with simple recording of macros until a complete adjustment of the user interface or integrating external software tools.

· Save/export disabled

What's New in This Release:

New Features:
· performance improvement for most checks by use multi thread technology, add check exact-inside and maximum-inside,
· a device extraction tool (beta, further extension planned),

· BoolOnLayer uses multi thread technology, thereby much faster, option to merge frame borders,
· boolean add to and substract from to the context menu of the default mode,
· locking of layers,
· handling of creating and modification date e.g. used in GDSII files,
· better performance for StripUnneeded,
· SelectStatistic,
· a lot of features of the full version are now also part of the reduced version,

User Interface:
· display apple key instead of Ctrl key on mac systems,
· some minor display style adjustments,
· display units on all dialog like align features, move single point dialog,
· edit-in-place can be started by choosing from a list,
· display error messages and debug output in an open text editor,
· netlist managing/export is extended,

· support of reading/writing bin...

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