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Download Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Pro - Produce punnett squares for most difficult genetics crosses

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Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Pro Icon Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Pro 3.3

Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Pro Thumb

Size: 6.4 MB


License / Price: Trial / USD 29.95

Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Produce punnett squares for most difficult genetics crosses.

The magnificent genetic calculator. With this tool generation of punnett squares would be an easy job. You can get absolutely correct results for most difficult genetics crosses as well, as for simple problems of mendelian inheritance.

Because the unique algorithm the program works amazingly fast. It is pruduce complex punnett squares in seconds. And if you need calculate offspring results for real genetics experiments you easily do this with random statistics module included in this software product.

This program has a friendly interface and has many useful features. Like a professional geneticist you can mark dominant allel as "+" symbol and use multiple letters for alleles designation.

You have an opportunity to solve genetics problems for linkage and sex-linkage and polygenic inheritance. It can simulate disturbance of the meiosis process and produce ratio and probability for polyploids as well, as for dipploids. In this way the solution of polyploidy crosses would not cause any problems.

If you have a deal with genes interactions, than this product will be helpful too. Through to a powerful mechanism of traits files it is possible to solve the crosses with epistasis, incomplete dominance, codominance and polygenic inheritance. You can use the prepared examples files and write your own traits files.

On the program support site you find information for each cases of using the program. Besides of the punnett square calculator there are an extensions, like Fruit Fly Sex Calculator (for determine the sex of fruit flies - Drosophila melanogaster), Crossing Over Map Calculator (to determine the distance between genes (up to three genes) on genetic map with crossing over process), and Recombination Progeny Calculator(to determine how many progeny in the screen you need for find at least one recombination progeny).

· 15 days trial
· Nag screen

What's New in This Release:
· On the tab "Find" you can choose now each traits phenotype and see from what kind of genotypes it is consist.
· Improved the using of traits files ( Сorrected the using of "+" character and added new character "*" ).
· Improved the using of polygenes ( without special characters ).
· Random statistics was improved and the search was fixed.
· Fixed the using of "From phenotypes" checkbox.
· The previous data is preserved when you switch the calculators.
· Automatic removing spaces at the beginning and the end of the parental genotypes.
· Buttons for copy from clipboard for parental genotypes.

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