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Best Free Windows Mobile Games

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Looking for some retro gaming on your Windows Mobile phone? WebHQ compiled what we think are best top free Windows Mobile Games, and included the download link for each. Games are in alphabetical order.


This is a great Windows Mobile version of an equally great classic. If you don’t mind using 200KB of your mobile phone’s memory, this is a must-have.


A simple clone of the 8-bit Super Mario game, BeMario offers even the iconic jump and coin-snatching sounds.


This is a cool game which clones an equally cool Windows game, Minesweeper.

Break My Bricks

This game was developed specifically for the HTC Touch Pro, but it works on other Pocket PCs. The game feature various options for sound, vibration and ball speeds and has increasing levels of difficulty.


This is the classic plastic bubble game ported to the Windows Mobile phones. It features an authentic ‘pop’ and realistic graphics.


Match sets of three or more bubbles to rescue butterflies in this fun puzzle game.

Crazy Matrix

Try to get as many lights glowing as you can in this addictive puzzle game.

Dope Wars

Buy and sell dope in this strategy classic.

EdgeWay Turbo 21

If you’re fond of playing cards, you’ll like this game. Exercise your mind to make as many blackjacks as possible. Just a little warning: this game can be pretty addictive.


It’s everybody’s favorite retro game star wielding a gun? Replete with ghosts and power pellets, this is one entertaining PacMan-inspired shooter.


This is a GSensor game about gravity and balls. Users adjust the gravitational force and smack the balls with a paddle. This game works on HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro.

Halma Sharp

This is a Windows Mobile phone version of the 19th century board game Halma. To win, move your pieces into the opponent’s corner.

Igrecway Hangman

Here’s hangman designed specifically for Windows Mobile phones. It features large dictionaries, hints and an iPhone-style interface.


Possibly the best Tetris clones ever released – this game features outstanding graphics, three difficulty levels, and high score sharing with other players.

Mu Torere

This is the Windows Mobile version of the all-time favorite Windows game, Reversi.


This classic dungeon game has seen versions on DOS, Linux, Mac and Windows. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be on your Windows Mobile phone as well.

Next Element Delux

Here’s another cool logical game featuring 80 mind-twisting levels with interesting graphics and music.

NS Pairs

This is the Windows Mobile take on that the classic matching memory game.


If you prefer the real thing, this is it. All the goodness of the classic PacMan game is here. It features full customization to add lives, change difficulty levels, and assigned buttons for control.


Here’s a classic puzzle game featuring six difficulty levels. The object is to move around pipes and get water flowing to the flowers.

Pocket Lemmings

This is very similar to the original DOS and Amiga versions of the game.

Pocket Uno

This is a remake of the classic card game. It features multi-language support (English, Russian, Esperanto), three levels of computer play, auto-save, adjustable graphics, and stylus-free gameplay.


If you like PacMan, you’ll love this game. This remake features plenty of exciting levels, adjustable game speed and difficulty, fine sound and music, stylus and keyboard control, and the option to pause the game should you receive a call.


Complete a continuous line of five stones in this remake of the classic puzzle game.

Project GD

This is a fun top-down shooter in the vein of Space Invaders.

Rawalls v1.4

This simple, yet quite entertaining, puzzle game looks like a cross between minesweeper and Sudoko.


This game was inspired by the classic SET card game. The game mechanics can be complicated unless if you’ve played SET.


This is very similar to Scrabble, outside of some minor differences. There are no challenges and players can only exchange all of their letters at once.


This is another Tetris clone running on Windows Mobile phones.


Here’s another popular game ported to Windows Mobile Phones. Who hasn’t played this game?

Snake.bizPla.net v1.0

This is the Windows Mobile version of the classic game Snake. It features keyboard and stylus control as well as adjustable game speed.

Space Invaders

This is a remake of the 1978 classic. The developer made the game as close as possible to the original.

Spin The Bottle

If you have an HTC Diamond or HTC Touch Pro, you’ll enjoy spinning the bottle using your phone’s accelerometer.


This game offers simple gameplay with simple layout but definitely entertaining. All you have to do is avoid the squares for as long as you can.

Tic Tac Toe game

It’s tic-tac-toe ported for your WinMo-powered phone.


Enjoy the classic game of Tetris just by touching the screen.


Prevent the virus from escaping by planting a wall. Every time you capture the virus, you have one less wall to prevent the virus from escaping.


Move the spider as fast as you can to cut up a field and trap the monsters. This latest take on an arcade classic offers simple and addicting gameplay..


This is a cool game built to run specifically on Sony Ericsson’s Xperia phone. But it on other Windows Mobile. In the game This game slay monsters while racing around on a motorcycle.

XWords for Pocket PC

Similar to Scrabble, this game features up to four players, move history, save game/open saved game, hints, tile protection and more.

Do you know of a great, free Windows Mobile game? Feel free to add it in the comments.

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