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Best Free Windows Mobile Games Page 2

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It’s easy to forget sometimes that Windows Mobile is still out there, but it is, and it still has a huge selection of applications and games for you to choose from. WebHQ gathered another best free games that are out there for you to download and get your gaming addiction satisfied while you’re on the move. Classic arcade games, a little dash of casino action, games to challenge the mind and a whole lot more.

Due to the different versions of Windows Mobile out there, do make sure to read the requirements of each game to see if your device will run the software before downloading.

Arcade & Action Games


A take on the classic Bomber Man video games.  Move your guy around, plant bombs to take out your enemies.  Pretty simple.

Death Drive

An arcade style racing game with a combat system thrown in so you can engage in car-on-car carnage.


The basic premise is easy enough, shoot everything, but how well iyou shoot is up to your skill with your stylus.  Catch the ball with your stylus, and then depending on how fast you move, that’s how fast your shot will fire.


Run around collecting all of the fruits in the maze while avouding your enemies (yes, it sounds like Pac-Man, but it looks completely different).  Features 60 levels of action.

Geometry Asteroids

Asteroids wall about trying to blast geometrically shaped asteroids in to ever small ones until they were eventually destroyed. Just be careful you don’t accidentally pilot your ship into one of the many fragments floating around!


Based on the classic platform game of the 1980's, you control a bounty hunter collecting treasure while avoiding or killing the guards who are out to stop you.

Mars Defense

Mars is under attack from UFOs and it is your job to shoot down their incoming missiles. You earn money for your successes which allows you to buy shields and upgrades, but be warned, the better you do, the faster the aliens attack. The premise reminds you a lot of the old Missile Command game.

Pocket Wolf3D

A port of the classic ID Software game, Wolfenstein 3D.  Now you can take your Nazi killing past time with you!


PocketMan is a port of the ultimate classic video game, Pac-Man.  You can control your character with a stylus, vary the speeds, save high scores and more.


Pretty much anyone who was alive in the 1980's was addicted to the tank simulation game Battlezone. Sure it was rudimentary, but at the time it was a huge leap forward in video games. You can relive your childhood fun with TankZone that takes you back to that alien world to battle tanks again.

Board Games


Play against the computer to get four of your pieces in a line either up & down, diagonally or sideways.


Just a simple version of the classic board game.


Multiple levels of AI difficulty, supports American and International rules, different colors for pieces and more.


A chess game with three different levels of difficulty, different sounds and skins.


The ancient Chinese game comes to Windows Mobile.  You can play Go on this handy app with either a 9×9 or 19×19 board, the only drawback is that there is no AI, so you either need to play against yourself or an opponent.

Kyodai Mahjongg Rivers

Try to match pairs of the Mahjongg tiles so that you can remove them from the board, with the ultimate goal being to clear them all.

Pocket Pachisi

Based on the Amercanized version of the Indian game Pachisi, Pocket Pachisi is a full reproduction of the game that got big in the USA in the 19th century.

Mobile Reversi

Known both as Othello and Reversi, this is the classic game where players control black pieces and white pieces and attempt to convert as many of their opponents pieces to their color by landing on two sides of them.


A port of Scrabble to play on your mobile device that has an active community around it working on adding dictionaries for languages other than English.

Card Games

Base Pyramid Solitaire

Played with 35 cards, you need a pair to add up to 13 before you can discard it from the game, and only cards that are completely uncovered are playable.


Just at the name implies, this is the classic card game of Black Jack come to your mobile device.  Bet virtual chips and attempt to beat the dealer without going over 21.


The classic solitaire game where you attempt to collect the cards for all four suits into their respective piles while only have four “free cells” to put cards in to to get to others.

Golf Solitaire

The goal is to move all seven piles of 5 cards each down to the foundation stack at the bottom.  Sounds easy on the surface, but builds in complexity as you go along.

Pocket Uno

Based on the classic family card game, you can play against three different levels of AI, save game progress, finger friendly gameplay and lots more features.

Tic Tac Toe

While not truly a “board game”, it still requires paper to be played, and it’s something to pass the time while waiting for the bus.

Casino Games

Cherry Chaser Slot Machine

Cherry Chaser Slot Machine is, as the name implies, a slot machine game, but it features multiple modes so you can play crazy variations of the basic premise.  Also saves your high score for you so you can keep trying to do better each time you play it.

Poker Jam

Play video poker on your mobile with variations such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker (54-card deck) and more.

Puzzle Games


A puzzle and logic game that requires you to solve the road problems of a small country by moving tiles around to solve their problems.

Crazy Ball 3D

Feel like getting frustrated? Try to capture a bouncing ball in a 3D environment, and the further you go, the faster it goes. Get ready for some, well, craziness.


One of the first things that happens to every OS is that someone comes up with a Tetris clone.  Kevtris is considered one of the best, if not the best, out there for Windows Mobile.

Pocket Sudoku

Play against Sudoku puzzles generated on six different levels of difficulty, solve valid puzzles, receive hints and more.


Similar to Tetris, Samulos has you grouping blocks together by color, and once together they explode.  The difference is that the explosion is delayed so you may add more blocks to the pending explosion.  Features 8 levels of play with high quality graphics.

TangCode Jumble

The old school puzzle game of a scrambled picture that you must slide pieces around to put them in the correct order.

Xmas Pipes

Click on a pipe to rotate it in the hopes of creating a closed system.  As you close off a system, it disappears, but new pipes appear every 3 seconds, and after every 200 points the pace increases.

Simulation Games


Are you having a stressful day? Need to relieve some tension? Nothing beats popping the bubbles on bubble wrap, but since you don’t always have a piece handy, why not do it virtually?

Dove Hunting

Everyone remembers the infamous Duck Hunt game, and while this isn’t a direct clone of it as it has numerous updated graphics, it is the same basic principle. See a dove… shoot it.


Keep a virtual aquarium on your phone.  You’ll need to keep the water clean, feed your fish and just look out for their general well being.


Raise a virtual pet that you need to feed and love, and then allow him to interact with other members of the virtual world to keep him happy.

Leo’s Flight Simulator

Take t the skies with this flight simulator you can fit in your pocket. Fly an amazing assortment of planes and helicopters from little commuter planes up to the Osprey.


Is there a person left on the planet that has touched a PC and NOT played Minesweeper?  Now you can take your mine clearing addiction with you wherever you go.

Have WebHQ missed your favorite free Windows Mobile game? Feel free to add it in the comments.

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