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Best Free Windows Mobile Applications

Published on: at 2:00 PM | Posted By:
Since Microsoft has only about 15% of the amount of mobile apps Apple has available -- which Microsoft is trying to change with the new Windows Phone 7 Series.

But there are some great mobile apps to help you save money, time, patience, and to have fun. All from your mobile device that used to only be a phone.

Without further ado, here are some of the best free applications you'll find for the Windows Mobile platform, which is conveniently categorized but not necessarily in a prioritized order:

Personal Productivity

Skyfire Mobile Web Browser

Tired of web pages that don't load right on mobile phones? With this they'll appear just like they would on a PC, including Flash, Silverlight, and videos.

Opera Mobile Web Browser

Save favorite sites to speed dial, sync bookmarks with your desktop, and use tabbed browsing.

Fusion Voicemail Plus

Doesn't everyone just hate dialing, waiting, listening, and typing just to hear those annoying voice mails? This killer-app lets you see and manage your VMs on the screen.

Fusion Voicemail Plus

Google Sync

If you use Google's Gmail, contacts, or calendar, sync them with your phone.


Use the phone's camera to scan in or fax documents. Though free, unregistered users will see a watermark in images and faxes.


Are you a Skype talker? Download their app to use Skype on your mobile phone.

Metric Imperial Converter

Convert between metric and imperial units of measure—great for projects, work, or school.

Fun and Enjoyment

Pandora for Windows Mobile

Listen to music, rate songs, and bookmark your favorite artists and songs. Like on the regular site, you simply tell it a artist or song and it will play music matching your tastes. It's beyond mundane Internet radio—you make your own "stations".

Mobile Manager for Netflix

Search for movies and watch trailers right from your phone. Even add or update your movie queue for your Netflix account.

Mobile Manager for Netflix

Tic Tac Toe

Looking for a simple game to pass time? Play this classic against the computer.

Tetris Mobile

Here's a free classic game you'll never get tired of.

Pocket Uno

Remember this classic card game? You try to match the color, number, or special card. Play the computer and/or another human.


If you have to wait around, you might as well exercise your brain with this simple but addictive puzzle game.

X-Ray 2.0

If you're a trickster, this is for you! Open the app and run your phone along your hand to match the staged X-Ray movie.

X-Ray 2.0

Information Updates and Searching

AP Mobile

Read international and national news from the Associated Press, plus local coverage from more than 1,200 newspapers. Set default news categories and locations for quick access, or do manual searches. News can be read offline—doesn't require constant network connection. Forward news via text, email, or social networks.


You can still access online services—like Facebook, MySpace, Netflix, and others—without a data plan! This app uses texts to send and receive the data.


Have you become a fan of Microsoft's Bing search engine and Internet portal? This gives you all the Bing services on your phone.


Search for and watch YouTube movies with their mobile app.


Mange your RSS feeds, download them to be viewable offline, and easily forward news.

Seller Mobile Pro

Take a picture and start selling items on eBay right from your phone.

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