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Download China Mobile Applications and Games For Free

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Download MRP / Nes Application & Games

MRP Games

If your phone doesn't support Java nor NES game, what to do? is there a way to install new game? Here is a way to find out. Please input *#220807#, if your phone has any response, such as trying connect to internet, congratulations! Your phone might support MRP games. If your phone doesn't have any response, it means it doesn't support MRP games.

  • Step 1: Download this file myrthroad.zip ( download ), unzip it, create a folder named "mythroad" or "mulgame" or "downdata/mr" in the memory card. copy the files in the zip archive mythroad.zip into the folder of "mythroad" or "mulgame" or "downdata/mr".
  • Step 2: Download MRP game and copy *.mrp files to the folder of "mythroad" or "mulgame" or "downdata/mr"
  • Step 3: Input *#220807#, you will see the game list, choose any of them to run.

Sample MRP game - Download

More MRP games - Download

New MRP games (English) - Download

Please note most MRP games in Chinese language only.

Want more MRP game? Please download here: http://www.mrp123.cn, http://www.lt163.com/sj/games/mrp/Index.html ( two Web sites are in Chinese language only, please try to use google translate to view the sites).

Nes Games

If you phone has the function of NES game simulator, you can copy *.nes file to any folders of the memory card, then go to main menu > file manager > memory card > open > choose the folder > open > choose the NES file > run.

Sample NES game - Download

If you want more NES games, please search for "nes game for mobile download" on the internet.

10 comments On "Download China Mobile Applications and Games For Free"

  1. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  2. the important thing the phone must support internet connection, and then have MSN. My phone is MITO 311 can play some MRP files and no need to call *#220807#*....!!

    1. Hmm. It is a trick for old phones.

      Still thanks for the kind information.

  3. my china mobile not supporting any type of game what i do. plzzzz help meee

    1. It doesn't works like that. You need to specify you device model. And If not supporting then try buying a new phone.

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  5. some boxes are coming after dialind *#220807#.what to do


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